2: We’ve Always Been Cyborgs

Episode 2 · March 7th, 2018 · 1 hr 23 secs

About this Episode

Drew and Jon share their excitement and frustration about this transition period between the desktop and touchscreen worlds. They realize they’re talking about having fun with their Apple stuff, which the Apple commentariat seems to have forbidden recently. Inevitably, this leads them to how people talk about technology these days. Jon does a brief soliloquy on the evolution of tech news coverage and somehow ends up using a sports metaphor somehow. Tech is not sacred, so why is it so religious? They examine tech companies as almost mythic characters in a narrative — and how far this has gotten us from actually talking about what technology actually does for us. From there, optimism drives them to leave the media behind and talk about how their technology helps them live better lives.

Thanks so much for listening. We hope you love the show as much as we do. Starting now, we’ll be posting new episodes every two weeks for a nice, relaxing, not overly notification-y pace. Talk to you then.

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