10: Full-Body Squint

Episode 10 · June 27th, 2018 · 47 mins 48 secs

About this Episode

Working entirely online is liberating, but it’s also frustrating, and Jon and Drew are both wrestling with it lately. Drew is compensating for the isolation by renting an office space with friends who aren’t coworkers, but they are co-workers… if that makes sense. Jon works from a home office and wishes he had a third place. They discuss why the technologies for virtual co-working like Slack and video chat don’t work very well. Can VR or other near-future technologies fix it? Hopefully. The promise of virtual work is not only that it lets us do the work we want to do, but that it lets us do our work exactly the way we want to do it.

To that end, starting with this episode, Jon and Drew are introducing y‘all internet friends to Ablaze Interactions and Keyhouse, their respective consulting agencies. Interested in working with one (or both) of your hosts? Get in touch!

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